Monday, May 26, 2008

Bon Voyage...

Goodbyes are hard to say. Especially when the person leaving is close to you.

I've known Jane for close to 11 years now. You could say, we matured together. It was sad to hear that she'll be leaving to pursue something.. but yet I was glad that it came through for her.

Here was a cake specially made for Jane

Bon Voyage Jane..

Remember to fly back!

Plane topper removed before cake was cut

Side view of the plane

Front view of gal figurine

Cake : Lemon poppy seed with mandaring orange filling. Covered with buttercream

Topper : Marshmallow Fondant

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The key to freedom

21st birthdays are special. It means you are legally an adult. It means.. clubs, drinking, clubs... hehe ok.. no ... it means, your parents are ready to give you the key to go explore the world.

I had some problems thinking of the design of this cake. It was for a girl I've never met... all I was told is that she loves chocolate ... I didn't manage to bring myself to do flowers ... and so this is what I came up with

The girl with the key to freedom

Dark chocolate balls makes the side deco

Don't I look happy?
Happy 21st Birthday Shabana. Hope you like the cake... *pray*

Cake : Moist Chocolate cake with 2 layers of choc ganache... now that's death by chocolate!

Covered with chocolate ganache

Toppers made with marshmallow fondant

Friday, May 23, 2008

The rabbits have invaded

'Twas near easter, and a group of friends decided to pay a visit to an orphanage in Subang. I offered to make a cake.

Seeing that it was so close to easter, I went on an Easter theme.. and how else better to do it than with flowers and rabbits ...

The cake reveal

Somebody help me lift this flower please...

Would you like a carrot?

Uh oh.. he's asking for help.. i'm gonna hide.

Hello HUGE butterfly...

Bottom layer : Moist chocolate cake
Top layer : Lemony butter cake

covered with marshmallow fondant
decorated with marshmallow flowers and bunnies (in an afterthought they look like bears) sculpted with fondant.