Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lounging with a good book

A friend requested that I make a topper for her daughter, Amanda's 12th birthday. Amanda has been working hard as her UPSR (nationwide exam for Primary Year 6 students) is fast approaching. Her birthday falls within the exam period, so her mum decided to celebrate her birthday earlier. A short breather for her before her exams begin.

Now Amanda is a little of a bookworm. Her mum said, "She's always on the sofa with a book." And thus, that became the inspiration for the topper.

I had the vision in my head and was planning to get the fondant to make the topper this week. *sob* Fate has it that there is a lack of supply of fondant this week!

Lucky me, I had another pack of Marshmallow at home... the good ole Marshmallow Fondant came to the rescue. *phew*. This time I mixed in two teaspoons of GumTex to help with the hardening process.

Hi, I'm catching up on some R&R (Reading and Relaxing)
-- the tub you see at her feet is actually my tub of food based color paste. It's there to support the topper till it hardens :P

*Meow*.. can I sit on your lap?

The back of the seat. Wanted to capture the kind of seats that my friend has at home. The holes at the back reminds me of the wooden seats I used to have at home.

A for Amanda :)

I'll add some more details later today. Hope Amanda likes it *cross fingers*

Figurine : Marshmallow Fondant